Ovarian Cancer Screening in Richardson

Ovarian Cancer makes up about 3% of all known cancer cases among women. Ovarian Cancer is a form of cancer that starts in a woman’s ovaries and often goes undetected until it has spread further into the pelvis and abdomen. When ovarian cancer reaches this later stage, it becomes more difficult to treat, making it more important to try and catch the cancer early while it is easier to successfully treat.

There are ways to screen for cancers, including general procedures like Pap smears, cholesterol assays, dental exams, blood pressure tests and more. After a screening test, a diagnostic test can give a more in depth look into any abnormality and let you know what is going on. The “total body scan” can provide good diagnostic information, but are not often necessary unless an abnormality has been discovered. The CA-125 blood test is one of the most common cancer tests for following the treatment (i.e. surgery and chemotherapy) of ovarian cancer. Patients often ask for a CA-125 to be performed as a screening test at their annual exam. It is not to be used as a screening test until a sonogram indicates a suspicious looking ovarian cyst. There are other non-cancerous conditions that cause an elevated CA-125; and if used to try and diagnosis ovarian cancer, would lead to numerous unnecessary surgeries.

If you are concerned you may have any type of ovarian cancer make an appointment with us at Advanced OB GYN Associates to schedule the proper tests to diagnose any issue you may have. Please call us at (972) 276-9902 to get more detailed information about ovarian cancer and make an appointment for an ovarian cancer screening in Richardson with our experienced and caring staff.

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