Dr. Salter is frequently interviewed by the local Dallas / Ft. Worth area TV news and print media, where he is asked to discuss women’s health care issues, trends, and new technology. Here he talks about the process and procedure for treating a patient experiencing severe problems with pelvic pain and large fibroid tumors. Wanda is a professional jazz singer, and she tells her story about her experience as a patient of Dr. Salter and how he helped change her life.

“Economy Sends Permanent Birth Control Numbers Up”. The cost of having children has lead many to look for safe and effective birth control like the Essure procedure instead of a vasectomy.

The first FDA-approved procedure that replaces tubal ligation. The 10 minute procedure happens at our office with local anesthesia; 3 months later no birth control is needed.

This is an FDA-approved in-office ablation procedure that freezes the uterine lining. It takes 30 minutes.

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