Richardson Gynecology Care

Advanced OB-GYN Associates is located in the DFW metroplex in Richardson, Texas.  Our OB-GYN office in Richardson, TX offers many Gynecology services to women in Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, and Carrollton, TX.

Our Dallas gynecologists offer the following routine office Gynecology services:

  • General checkups
  • Menopausal medicine
  • da Vinci Surgery – A Minimally Invasive Surgery Technique for Benign Gynecologic surgery (major and minor procedures)
  • In-office treatment of heavy menses 
  • Permanent female birth control (Essure Hysteroscopic procedure)
  • HPV screening
  • Evaluation and minimally invasive treatment (MiniArc) of urinary incontinence; AOA also performs in-office Urodynamics testing
  • Evaluation and surgical treatment of early-stage Gynecologic cancer
  • Internal and external laser surgery
  • Evaluation and treatment of abnormal Pap smears and Cervical dysplasia
  • Evaluation and surgical treatment of pelvic relaxation and pelvic prolapse

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