A Letter from Dr. Mosier

Dear Patients,
It is with mixed emotions that I announce my departure from Advanced Ob-Gyn Associates (AOA), effective September 14, 2019. It has been a pleasure providing for your health care needs over my time here, and it is not easy for me to give it up. I have made the decision to return to my home town, Houston, Texas to be close to family members.

I am hoping that you will be able to remain with my group and become a patient of one of our fine doctors at AOA. Dr. Richard Salter and Dr. Anu Gupta are very experienced and caring physicians who would be an excellent choice for continuing your care. It is my understanding the practice will be acquiring another female physician in the very near future.

I am happy to have left my patients in these capable hands. However, you may seek care from another doctor if you would like. If you choose to do so, I recommend looking for a new physician as soon as possible. Assistance can be obtained from the Dallas County Medical Society; they can help by giving you the names of doctors in the area who are accepting new patients.

Your medical records are confidential and a copy can be transferred to another doctor or released to you or to another person you designate only with your permission. If you plan to continue with this office, this step is easy. You can sign an authorization to release your files on your next visit. If you choose to see a different physician outside of this office, please contact us so that arrangements can be made for transfer of your records (there will be a fee for this depending on circumstances). Your records will continue to be on file at the AOA office.

I have valued your relationship greatly. Thank you for your loyalty and friendship during my time at AOA. Best wishes for your future health.

Elizabeth Mosier, M.D.