Common Steps to Prevent UTIs

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Any woman who has suffered from a urinary tract infection, often known as a UTI, understands that it can completely derail any plans. The truth is that UTIs are preventable. By maintaining healthy habits, women can have confidence in their flow and comfort.

In simple terms, UTIs are bladder infections. While these are typically just an annoyance, they can be serious if not treated in a timely manner. If left untreated, the infection can spread to the kidneys and cause lasting damage.

The infections stem from germs that manage to work up the tube that excretes urine. While both men and women can get UTIs, the infections are far more prevalent in women due the shortened urethra, which provides a fast track to the bladder. Luckily for women everywhere, these painful experiences can be avoided.

The most basic precaution for a UTI comes from an activity that most women don’t think twice about. Wiping back to front after evacuating the bladder prevents any fecal matter from finding its way to the urethra. It is discouraged from using the same tissue if multiple passes are needed clean the rectum. Similar wiping precautions should be taken when bathing.

In addition, during menstruation, tampons provide better protection from the spread of bacteria than sanitary napkins. Tampons keep the bladder area drier, which limits overgrowth of bacteria. Again, wiping front to back will limit exposure to leakage on the tampon string.

While partaking in daily activities, don’t forget to empty your bladder frequently. Additionally, drink water and other hydrating fluids to maintain a consistent evacuation. If urine appears darker than light yellow, be advised that fluid intake should be increase.

Furthermore, special precautions should be taken if women are sexually active. Intercourse can introduce a host of bacteria to the female’s urethra, either through sexual organ or common touching. Women should avoid the use of spermicidal jellies as a method of pregnancy prevention. While the jelly kills sperm, it also kills normal florae in the vagina used to suppress pathogenic bacteria. Also, a common precaution to prevent UTIs is for women to empty their bladders after intercourse.

While following these suggestions can help many women avoid UTIs, some women are simply prone to developing bladder infections. Remember that if you develop a bladder infection, seek medical attention immediately. Women who develop chronic urinary tract infections should ask their doctor about urinary antibiotics or antiseptics.