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Advanced OB-GYN Associates offers all common obstetrical and gynecological services. We recommend women come in for an exam at least once a year to keep up with their health and check on any developing risks.

AOA physicians treat all routine and high risk obstetrical patients. If needed, your physician can refer you to a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist (Perinatologist) for higher level sonograms and consultations, or other specialists as needed. If these services and physicians are needed, your AOA physician will still be your obstetrician and be responsible for your care and delivery of your baby.

Gynecology focuses on the health of the female reproductive system and specializes in treating any issues pertaining to these specific body parts. It is recommended for women to begin visiting a gynecologist yearly once they reach 18.

Common gynecology services include HPV screenings, menopausal medication, in-office treatments, minor surgeries, evaluation and surgical treatment of early stage cancer, pap smears and other necessary tests for women’s health.

Come see us and let Advanced OB-GYN Associates make sure your health and body are on the right track.