Planning for Pregnancy Through Fertility Charts: The Body Temperature Method

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Using fertility charts can be an effective way to determine the best time to try to get pregnant. One of the most common ways to track your fertile times is by tracking what is known as basal body temperature. This temperature raises slightly with ovulation, so by recording it every day for a number of months, you will be able to predict the days when you will be most fertile. Because the change in temperature is so small, usually around .4 to .8 degrees, it is important to use a basal body thermometer when possible.

Why Use This Method?

Simply put, the basal body temperature method can help you gauge the best days to have unprotected sex in order to become pregnant. The biggest benefits to this method, besides its effectiveness is that it is inexpensive and does not have side effects. It can also be combined with other methods, such as the cervical mucus method, to best determine when fertility is at its peak.

How to Use This Method

Using the basal body temperature method isn’t difficult, though it can take a bit of getting used to, as you have to take your temperature every morning before you get up and get out of bed. In order to ensure accuracy, make sure that you are getting at least six hours of sleep. If you have trouble finding a pattern in your temperature, you can take it vaginally or rectally, but always take it using the same method. Each time you take your temperature, use graph paper to record your results. This will help you better find a pattern in your temperature over the course of your ovulation cycle. Once you know when your basal body temperature will rise, you have a good idea of when to have sex. You are the most fertile in the few days just before this temperature increase, but it is important to remember that sperm can live for up to five days within your reproductive tract, so plan sex carefully.

The basal body temperature method is a tried and true way of tracking fertility. It can be just as effective as buying over the counter fertility tests, though it can also take a little longer as you get to know your body’s rhythms and cycles. Learning how to tell your most fertile days is important and can help you greatly in your quest to become pregnant.