Why Women Should Lift Weights

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In most gyms across the country, you’ll notice a general separation of the sexes that breaks down by the workouts they do. Men tend to lift heavy objects, whereas women usually choose cardio or less weight, but more reps.

This tends to be due to a misconception most women have that lifting heavy weights, like men do, will result in a man’s body. Women tend to work out to tone up and lose weight. Unfortunately, they’re missing a great opportunity to do both by lifting heavy weights. There are many reasons why women should lift weights.

Lifting Heavy Weights is Not Just for Men Anymore

Men and women both experience a slowing metabolism as they age. This happens as we lose the muscle mass of our youth. Those that lift heavy weights, however, turbo charge their metabolisms though and enjoy the benefit for hours after their workout is done. So women who lift heavy weights actually lose weight because they enjoy a far more efficient metabolism.

That’s not the only fat-busting benefit though. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat does. Each pound of fat needs roughly 30 calories each day. So, the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn without even doing anything. This is especially helpful for women who work desk jobs or otherwise don’t have an opportunity to get up and move around during the day.

Most women—and men too, actually—rely on cardio to get their waistline down to size and fit into old clothes. Cardio can certainly achieve this, but lifting weights is really how you get toned and tight. Lifting weights is how women get a sculpted body that includes curves in all the right places. Plus, if gravity has been unkind to trouble areas like your underarms, lifting weights is your only chance for rectifying that.

Lifting weights won’t just make you look healthier either. Studies show it can help fight off high blood pressure, diabetes and the risk of heart disease.

Muscle weighs more than fat, but it also takes up a lot less space. So when you begin lifting weights, get out of the habit of checking your scale every morning. You could gain weight but actually look better for it. Don’t worry about taking in a linebacker’s profile either. So long as you keep a healthy diet and appropriate amount of calories, gaining mass won’t happen like that.