Da Vinci Surgical System: Worthy of it’s Namesake

For patients in need of surgery for hysterectomy and other gynecologic procedures, the da Vinci Surgical System is both a doctor’s and patients’ dream. It uses a sophisticated robotic platform that expands the surgeon’s capabilities while also minimizing the size of incisions, which reduces scarring for patients.

By using the system to create small openings, a doctor can utilize tiny instruments and a magnified, high definition camera during surgery. This new technology scales, filters, and translates the doctor’s hand movements into calculated micro-movements of the da Vinci instruments.

While the system may appear to be a robot that you might see in a futuristic movie, the tool cannot move or operate on it’s own and must be controlled by the surgeon. The movements that the surgeon performs in the console are immediately translated by the system and performed by the miniature tools on the patient’s end.

Some of the major benefits of this break through system are the increased surgical precision when compared to traditional methods, as well as wider range of motion. Also, the system offers enhanced visualization of the surgical process and easier access to many parts of the human anatomy.

While minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery has been slow to catch on at many hospitals around the country, this slow growth is mainly due to the constrictions of the existing equipment. These tools are typically rigid and the standard video monitors do not allow the surgeon to have sufficient views. On the other hand, the FDA has approved the da Vinci Surgical System for many different procedures.

While every case is special, the da Vinci Surgical System offers many benefits to both patients and doctors. It is a prime choice for those going under the knife.